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Our mission is to build the world's best office automation platform.

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We build business automation solutions that improve workplace productivity and help employee’s connect with customers and colleagues, improving the work social experiences.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia our team are building office automation solutions that replace traditional and time consuming processes with innovative cloud software, starting with your front desk and extending back to the office environment.

The Go Reception platform is built for office and reception areas in any industry where you need visitors to register their arrival and your team to be more productive. Our cloud products and mobile apps help make businesses process data easier, faster and look more professional while doing so.

We built Go Reception after experiencing the inefficiencies of the traditional office sign-in process; the continued hassle of filling out visitor sign-in books, tear of badges, carbon papers missing, pens running out of ink, messy handwriting, incorrect times and unmanned front desks.

Not only visitor sign in, but booking meeting rooms, scheduling meetings, managing repeat tasks and engaging external supplies. We work closely with our customers to identify these problems and build smart solutions.

The team listens and ask our customer community for regular feedback that will help improve the Go Reception system for everyone. We are experts with mobile technology and love solving problems with simple solutions that make a real difference and bottom line impact.

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